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Shalom Aleichem
(Video Rated 3 Stars)
Artist: Avishai Cohen
While this video is the jazz musician Avishai Cohen's interpretation of the ancient Shabbat poem Shalom Aleichem the video is an interesting muse on angels, civics and Tel Aviv.
Time: 00:00

Shalom Sesame - Creation
(Video Rated 3 Stars)
The Creation story from Shalom Sesame. This clip is a wonderful, relaxing Friday afternoon treat to get into the Shabbat spirit. For more, check out
Time: 02:05

How Do You Say Shabbat Shalom?
(Video Rated 3 Stars)
Artist: Jewish Treats
Jewish Treats asked our friends, How Do You Say Shabbat Shalom? Now's your chance to be in our Shabbat Shalom 2.0! Send your own Shabbat Shalom vid to!
Time: 01:11

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