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In Studio: Girls In Trouble
(Video Rated 3 Stars)
Artist: Girls in Trouble
Brooklyn-based singer and violinist Alicia Jo Rabins joins the Posts Brad Frenette for a chat about her musical project, Girls In Trouble, which creates songs based on women of the Old Testament. A song about Lilith, and the beings that Midrash describes as coming before humans.
Time: 05:01

Yeshiva guy says over a vort
(Video Rated 3 Stars)
Yeshiva guy says over a dvar torah he heard from his rebbe. Absurdity ensues.
Time: 03:40

Shalom Sesame - Hillel and Shammai
(Video Rated 3 Stars)
Artist: Shalom Sesame
Believe it or not, even scholars get into fights! Strap on those cowboy boots and saddle up with Shalom Sesame to learn about the tales of Hillel and Shamai. Learn about a core Jewish value and why it is important to appreciate our friends (even if it means the occasional, friendly debate)! For more, visit
Time: 02:07

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