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Intermarriage Rap Song - Why Jew Should Marry Jewish
(Video Rated 3 Stars)
Artist: Ask Moses
A perspective from Chabad of why intermarriage is not the ideal situation, set to a rap.
Time: 00:00

DeScribe & Y-Love "Change" (official music video)
(Video Rated 3 Stars)
Artist: Modular Moods
A song about Jerusalem and the universal hope for a better world and change. CLICK TO BUY THE EP (limited signed ed.) - or click to download from itunes- or Amazon - LISTEN TO MORE -
Time: 04:35

Adam Bronfman on welcoming the intermarried
(Video Rated 3 Stars)
Artist: JTA News
Adam Bronfman, Managing Director of the Samuel Bronfman foundation, talks with JTA about his foundation's interest in making the Jewish community more inclusive of interfaith families. An interesting video about the nature of intermarriage in the United States.
Time: 09:52

"Necessary Criteria" - Jewish Reconnection Project
(Video Rated 3 Stars)
Artist: Jewish Reconnection Project
Young Jews in New York talk to young Jews in Jerusalem about issues facing Jews today and what being Jewish means to them, including issues of identity and intermarriage.
Time: 03:41

Jewish Lego Wedding (Not Rachmi & Yudits Video)
(Video Rated 3 Stars)
A short animation that took two weeks which i made for my parents wedding anniversary. Made by an 11 year old. enjoy. its made with lego studios.
Time: 01:33

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