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Title: Dreams of Moses


A poetic interpretation of the story of Exodus A new mystical performance of the Mystorin group , a poetic interpretation the story of the Exodus as a mythological story, revolving around the feminine images of water and birth the birth of the hero and the birth of the nation. The performance looks through the eyes of Moses' mother, when she dreams the future. Doing so, it supplies us with a feminine view of the Exodus, placing the woman and her inner world in the center. She will always see her son, the redeemer who leads the nation, as a baby in her arms. With the use of plastic materials, such as silk cloths and flexible tubes, actors draw lines and brush-strokes in space, creating a poetic language in which pictures transform as a painting is hung in the air. Using the simplest means the actors create graphic images translucent and elegant almost as a Japanese ink drawing.


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Dreams of Moses

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