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Title: 1938-9 Jewish Life in Cracow (Kazimierz)


Jewish LIfe in Cracow (disctrict of Kazimierz) in ca 1938/39 NOTE: This is a documentary film (a set of the mini-clips) was taken ca 1939 by some uncredited visitor to Kazimierz - being the part of prewar Cracow, mostly inhabited by traditional Jewish community. After German aggression on Poland in September 1939 that colourful, busy and lively district of the city was turned into a nazi-controlled ghetto and finally - its inhabitants, murdered in situ or transported to death camps. In recent years, the Kazimierz area is being reconstructed and recultivated and is slowly coming back to life, again with quite a few Jewish inhabitants who decide to settle down or to open their business in Cracow - that thru hundreds of years was considered one of the most important centres of Jewish culture in Europe. Every year, in the turn of June/July the famous Festival of the Jewish Culture takes place in the streets, galleries and squares of Kazimierz, featuring klezmer music concerts, international panels, lectures, exhibitions, plays etc. Music: Abe Schwartz's Orchestra - Yosl, Yosl, Columbia ca 1925


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1938-9 Jewish Life in Cracow (Kazimierz)

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