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Title: Shushan Shabot -


Description Your favorite Jewish robot celebrates Purim, Shushan style. Animation and music by William Levin (Ben Baruch), to the tune of Kanye West "Golddigger" Lyrics: (She may be Jewish) Now I ain't saying you ain't queen, Esther (But she the queen) But why you gotta' be so mean, Esther? (You better leave) Get down, girl, to Shushan town Here in Shushan in what is now called Iran King Achashverosh laid the charm on so you came to his prom Now if you do a little nasty he would do you no harm just like he did to Queen Vashti But now she's dead and she's gone, and you're on The king likes 'em young, he likes his virgins. He didn't know you're Jewish all he knew was you're Persian Urgent! Mordechi, he f****d up my plan. I was gonna' kill the Jews because my name is HAMAN! Chorus


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Shushan Shabot -

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