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Title: Jewish life in Kovno, Riga and Lwów, 1939


A documentary movie: Jewish Life in Kovno (Lithuania), Riga (Latvija) and Lwów (Poland) in 1939 NOTE: This documentary movie was made by anonymous author, who shortly before outbreak of the Second World War, so in early spring 1939 (we can see it from the weather and the way people are dressed) travelled probably as a tourist, from the capital of Lithuania (Kovno) and via Latvija (its capital, Riga) down to south-east Poland (Lwow, then belonging to Poland; now in Ukraine). It's a real gem, rarest of the rarest - the last portrait of the East European Slavonic-Jewish world, that in pass of a few months later, was annihilated by the Teutonic aggression on Poland, in September 1939. In my estimation first 3 minutes are: Kovno (Lithuania) and Riga (Latvija) . Poland (Lwow) begins around 4:50. I am guessing only by the view of people's outfits, street signs and posters. The music background are: 1.Belle Baker, Bei mir bist du schoen (1937) followed by 2.: Bublitschki, played by Ziggy Elman Band (1938) 3. Tango „Bajka" (A Fairytale) (Music Izaac Kranz, aka Igo Kranowski) played by Wiktor Tychowski's Band (1932; also available in You Tube, sung by Mieczysław Fogg 4. Abe Schwartz's Orchestra: "Dem Pastekh Kholem" (The Shepherd's Dream, 1929 - fragment)


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Jewish life in Kovno, Riga and Lwów, 1939

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