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Title: Bible Raps Presents: Jonah "Mr. Got a Pair of Eyes"


Jonah: "Mr. Got a Pair of Eyes" (All citations from Book of Jonah) Verse1 Jonah, gotta get on what he supposed to, and this begins the roller coaster, he's gets on a boat and hopes to float to the coast of Tarshish 'G-d' said 'please?' and Jonah's like "peace!" Can't say that he say he wasn't asked nicely when at last he gets on the high seas the mist looks pissed and the waves have fists so he goes to, the pits of the ship below the commotion of the ocean he falls into a coma so deep that he dreams he's asleep 'til a sailor speaks unto him when woken, hey Jonah, a lot's been tossed in your corner. CHORUS Verse 2 The sailors start off guess you brought this wash tell me what's your job and people I worship G-d and drew an awful lot, in addition dog I'm a Hebrew the sea crew said its so nice meet you tell your god its odd but the waves won't cave and if there was another way that's what we'd do Jonah said I don't need to, tell him yourself he can see you. G-d said "please to meet you." pause and the kids on the ship could have bit both lips 'til their teeth do bleed through, even that wouldn't stop every jaw from their drop. Even Jonah was shocked like me too as he dropped in the sea like 'see you.' CHORUS Verse 3 "wait, yo!" he fell there from the sailboat no inner tube just his halo so gd sent him a whaleboat, not safe though in the belly of the deep in the belly of the beast so he eats. spread the jelly fish feet and the peanut butter blubber add a leech, its a feast! At least at last this disease has past Thank G-d I'm alive, thank G-d I'm alive, I can see your holy temple while I'm deep inside I can see you Holy Temple cause now I'm in the skies. and I've landed, off to Nineveh to the frantic to do as I'm commanded a venohafochu to the stranded imagine, what happened, can't even relax with a plant man! CHORUS


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Bible Raps Presents: Jonah "Mr. Got a Pair of Eyes"

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