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Title: Alan Veingrad - NBC6 Sports Profile


About the speaker: Alan Veingrad is a motivator, entertainer, and businessman. He may be the only professional athlete in the history of sports to become a Torah-observant Orthodox Jew. Alan has shared his inspirational messages of positivism, personal excellence, leadership, and spiritual connection to corporate and business audiences worldwide. Alan's candor and charisma keep audiences spellbound while he shares stories of the intense training, ruthless competitive atmosphere, and performance requirements of professional football life. His dynamic presentation style and post-retirement experience in business development have made him a much sought-after speaker by Fortune 500 companies, professional services firms, and owner-managed businesses. In a one-of-a-kind presentation, Alan shares the story of how, after retiring from professional football, he became aware his lifestyle was more "style" than "life." A captivating speaker and storyteller, Alan describes how the lifestyle he fell into after his retirement from professional football left a void that unwittingly lead him to the Torah and Mitzvos. For more information about hearing his uniquely entertaining and valuable perspective, please visit


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Alan Veingrad - NBC6 Sports Profile

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