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Title: Pidyon Haben Ceremony


When the first-born baby boy is 30 days old, the pidyon haben (redeeming the son) ceremony takes place. Since the time of the exodus, when the Jewish first born were saved from the plague, they should have dedicated their lives to priestly service in the Temple. The Cohanim from the tribe of Levi took the place of the firstborn in the Temple. So, technically, the first-born must be redeemed by a Cohen for money, otherwise he would technically need to serve in the Temple with the Cohanim. The ceremony is conducted with 5 pieces of silver which are given by the father to the Cohen in order to redeem his son. The Cohen then gives the child a blessing. It is customary to adorn the baby with jewels along with sugar and garlic. Those present will take home the sugar and garlic and cook it in a meal with those who could not attend, and thereby partake in the spiritual merit of the event. As with all Jewish festivities... we end the ceremony with some wine and food! Mazel Tov


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Pidyon Haben Ceremony

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