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Title: The Holy Land: To Whom Does It Belong? (Hebrew)


Yeshayahu Leibowitz and Israel Eldad debate "Who owns Israel? The Arabs or Jews?" Maalot 1982 Translation by daledheyalef First Guy: It is an issue close to our hearts, related to zionism. I come from a moshav here, close to Maalot. We have land which 30 years ago were occupied by the same Ishmaelites that this man (looks back) hates, and I am supposed to answer this Ishmaelite friend who tells me 'this land which you plow, i occupied it 30 yrs ago' in a friendly way he says it, "how do you explain the fact that you are plowing it now, and sometimes by my labor, you pay me or my friends to plow land that belongs to me". What do I tell this Arab who I am supposed to be living with in peace? I want there to be a day that he will sit with me as a friend rather than contemplate my destruction. Leibowitz: (roughly, he uses "big words" sorry if its not completely accurate) no nation has a right to any land.  I am not only speaking on the right of jews to israel or the right of palestinians to the land they call palestine. I am asking: what is the right of Swedish people to Sweden? The answer is that they have no right to Sweden. However, eight million swedes live by the personal (lit. in their souls) knowledge that this land is the land of their nation. That is the relation of the Swedish people to Sweden. This relation is no deeper than any legal right. When there are legal rights you can make judgements, you can argue. We all know that there is an established group that make a living from this, arguing and making judgement on rights, namely judges. On personal knowledge/beliefs you cannot argue. (points to man who asked questions, says stuff i dont understund and then:) This not just between you and the arab, rather it is between the Israeli nation and the Palestinian nation who are both living in a situation where both are living by the personal belief that the land is theirs. Everyone must ask: well what now then? there are two options. That is to say really one option, only one of the two The difficulties of such a division will be, from all perspectives, tremendous. - Two choices, the third is nonexistent! - Total War. The entire world will back the arab side. - The alternative is partition to two states. I know, as do everyone else that this is not rational and it is not right/just. The difficulties following from such a partition will be tremendous. But, history cannot be changed. Yeshayahu Leibowitz and Israel Eldad debate "Who owns Israel? The Arabs or Jews?" Maalot 1982 Israel Eldad (b. 1910 as Israel Scheib in Podvolochisk, Galicia, d. 1996), was a Revisionist Zionist philosopher. He was an early member and later chief ideological strategist of the Lohamei Herut Yisrael (Fighters for the Freedom of Israel) or Lehi. Called By the British the Stern Gang. Philosophy Eldad did not believe that the creation of the state of Israel was the goal of Zionism. He advocated more forceful use of the Israel Defense Forces and opposed the inclusion of the word "defense" in the name of the army. He opposed ceding any land to the Arabs. Yeshayahu Leibowitz ( 1903-1994) was an Israeli philosopher and scientist noted for his outspoken and often controversial opinions on Jewish ethics, religion and politics. Political views An Orthodox Jew, Leibowitz was known primarily for his philosophical writings and scathing critique of Israeli values and national policy. His remarks shortly after the Lebanon War in 1982 accusing Israeli soldiers of "Judeo-Nazi" mentality provoked a public outcry. While such remarks led some to conclude that he was an anti-Zionist, Leibowitz repeatedly affirmed his belief in the validity of the Zionist endeavor, both in writing and in conversation, throughout his life.


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The Holy Land: To Whom Does It Belong? (Hebrew)

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