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Title: Underground Refuge: Hiding from the Nazis


Malka Rosental was born in 1934 in Stanislawow, Poland. After her younger brother's murder in the ghetto, she went into hiding with her parents. Caught in hiding, her mother sacrificed herself so that Malka and her father would survive. The two fled to the forests, but after months of wandering in the forest, the two were no longer able to survive in such difficult conditions. Malka was taken in and cared for by the Kot family, a poor rural family. Fearful of Malka's discovery, the Kot family prepared a hiding place for her in the cowshed where Malka hid for a year and a half. At war's end, Malka was extremely sick and weak, yet was nursed back to health by the Kot family. Eventually reunited with her father, Malka attempted to immigrate to Israel onboard the Exodus, only to be stopped by the British. Malka later settled in Israel.


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Underground Refuge: Hiding from the Nazis

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