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Title: Y-LOVE "THIS IS UNITY" (Official Music Video)

Creator: Y-Love

Description - CLICK TO BUY THE SONG/EP CLICK TO BUY THE T-SHIRT BY NU CAMPAIGN * For iTunes downloads, click here - Artist: Y-Love Song: This is Unity (off the "See Me" EP) Music: Diwon Director: Lenny Bass Label: Shemspeed * sponsored by Shemspeed & Be'Chol Lashon INFO: "This is Unity" is one of the lead singles off Y-Love's "See Me" EP. The "This is Unity" campaign highlights one of humanity's most elusive concepts: Unity. As a result of extremisms and borders of class, race, religion and lifestyle, people have divided themselves into an ever-growing number of categories with which to separate from and label one another. In those categories themselves, we as humans often stereotype and stigmatize those who do not resemble the rest of the category. "This is Unity" is an holistic, anti-bigotry campaign designed to highlight and celebrate diversity. From the music-video featuring Y-Love which highlights Jewish diversity, we hope to encourage a strengthening of Jewish unity and Jewish peoplehood worldwide. Through workshops and projects that bring together artists from different backgrounds to perform in front of varied and mixed audiences, Shemspeed makes its contribution to building bridges between peoples in the hope of encouraging shared experience, constructive dialogue and some impetus for the resolution of some of the world's most pressing disputes. Standing up for what is right in the face of what is wrong with the world -- through love and unity. This is unity, and this is how we at Shemspeed, Be'Chol Lashon & Nu Campaign do it. for additional info, check out:


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Y-LOVE "THIS IS UNITY" (Official Music Video)

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