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Title: Shofar Callin': The Rosh Hashanah song


Shofar Callin' connects the story Jews read on the New Year -- when God tells Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac -- with the ritual blowing of the Shofar, or ram's horn. What's the connection? Find out how the Jewish New Year is WAY more than just a day to spend in synagogue, and how the call of the Shofar can be spiritually meaningful in your daily life. Written and delivered by Prodezra Beats, a rising independent hip hop star from Savannah GA, this G-dcast will have you bumping into the new year in no time! Shana tova. NEW: HEBREW AND SPANISH SUBTITLES!!! Click the "CC" on the bottom right of the video.


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Uploaded: 2010-08-30 21:39:27

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Shofar Callin': The Rosh Hashanah song

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