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Title: Jewish War Heroes of the British Armed Forces (Part 1)


This 30 minute film was commissioned out of respect for the tremendous numbers of British Jews who fought and fell for King and Country. Our story begins with battles against the French in 1759, followed by Trafalgar and Waterloo. 55,000 British Jews fought in World War 1. We recount their courage with rarely seen archive film. In World War 2, British Jews fought in disproportionate numbers to their small population: 60,000 of the country's 360,000 Jewish citizens. That's one sixth of all British Jews. This film captures the living testimonies of ex-servicemen and women. These extraordinary people undertook audacious missions whether on the front lines, flying hazardous bombing runs, dodging U-boats or behind enemy lines. Many gave their lives for British values. Our production shows the atrocities of the Holocaust and the British liberation of Belsen-Bergen Death Camp. After the war, British Jews returning from duty were appalled to see Moseley's blackshirts in Britain; and it was British Jews who campaigned to end the threat of fascism once and for all. During National Service and as regular officers, British Jews have fought and fallen alongside their British countrymen: from Cyprus and Korea to the Falklands, Northern Ireland, Afghanistan and Iraq.


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Jewish War Heroes of the British Armed Forces (Part 1)

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