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The Israeli Family Project The Israeli Story that you never heard Our story begins in the summer of 2002. It is this summer that we moved from the big city in the center of Israel to a small village in the Negev Desert. Moshav Kadesh Barnea is a green and beautiful community amidst the colorful desert in the south of Israel. It is where hundreds of acres of fruits and vegetables are grown for market for the whole world. It is where the silence of the desert meets the voices of life. Since moving to Kadesh Barnea in the summer of 2002, we have grown with the village and its people. We built a small factory that produces special jams and chutneys from fresh fruits and vegetables grown by our neighbors. Our girls attended school with our neighbors' children. We played the role of leaders in the community. We joined the social, cultural and educational activities in the village, and added our voice to this unique slice of Israeli life. For visitors from outside the country, our family emerged as the leading representative of the dynamism and liveliness of human life in the Israeli Desert. We wanted to share this wonderful place with others. Over time, thousands of people who have come to visit Israel have come through Kadesh Barnea for a personal meeting with our family. Meeting with us and hearing our story, visitors take a close look at the life of the people who developed this corner of the world. In those meetings our visitors had the chance to learn a contemporary Israeli story. It is a story that they never heard, yet one not unlike so many other inspiring tales in Israel. With us they could feel and understand the values of the Israeli family, through which they could understand the greater story of Israel. During these years we came to understand that the Israeli family story should reach even more people of the world. We want more and more people to hear about beautiful developments right in the heart of the Middle Eastern desert. We want to share our family values and stories about how pioneers fulfilled the dream of making the desert bloom. We are excited to discuss agriculture and entrepreneurship, children and education. Rather than wait for more visitors, we have decided to take our family and our story on a journey around the world. We plan to tell our story in every place we can reach. We will meet with as many people as we can possibly meet. We want to open a window to The Story of The Israeli Family. We will share our story with families all around the world by having meaningful conversations, playing music, reading, cooking and listening. The Israeli Family Journey will take one full year, from August 1, 2011 to August 1, 2012. Our journey will take us through 27 countries in 4 continents. We invite you to meet with us. Come meet with The Israeli Family. WWW.IL-FAMILY.COM Greece 1-9 August 2011 Hungary 9-19 August 2011 Austria 19-24 August 2011 Switzerland 24-30 August 2011 Italy 30 August -- 8 September 2011 France (South) 8-15 September 2011 Spain 15-23 September 2011 France (North) 23 September -- 2 October 2011 England 2-13 October 2011 Belgium 13-18 October 2011 Netherlands 18-23 October 2011 Germany 23 October -- 3 November 2011 Canada 3 -- 17 November 2011 Usa: New York 17-30 November 2011 Washington DC 30 November -- 10 December 2011 Chicago 10-15 December 2011 Michigan 15 December 2011 -- 2 January 2012 Colorado 2-15 January 2012 California 15 JANUARY -- 1 February 2012 New Zealand 1-15 February 2012 Australia 15 February -- 15 Mars 2012 Japan 15-25 Mars 2012 India 25 Mars -- 14 April 2012 China 14 April -- 4 May 2012 Trans Siberian Train through Mongolia 4-24 May 2012 Russia 24 May -- 7 June 2012 Belarus 7-19 June 2012 Poland 19-25 June 2012 Slovakia 25-30 June 2012 Czech Republic 30 June - 5 July 2012 Germany 5-11 July 2012 Denmark 11-16 July 2012 Sweden 16-23 July 2012 Norway 23-31 July 2012


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The Israeli Family Project - WWW.IL-FAMILY.COM

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